Beauty Influencer

Beauty Influencer

As its name indicates, a beauty influencer is someone who exerts influence. This term is specifically used in the marketing world. A beauty influencer is an individual or group of individuals who use their influence to encourage their fans and followers to purchase particular beauty products.

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The origins of the idea of the beauty influencer

Beauty influencers first came to the fore in 2015, and Instagram was a major factor in their rise to power. Instagrammers were probably the first definable beauty influencers, and often these individuals were simply fashion loving individuals who rose to fame thanks to their passion and popularity. Nowadays, an influencer is an everyday word in high profile fashion and beauty publications such as Vogue.

How do influencers work?

Beauty influencers are usually bloggers and Instagrammers with large numbers of followers. In addition, they are fashion and beauty lovers whose opinion is respected, due to their knowledge, experience, and appealing personal style. That means that when a beauty influencer promotes a particular product (for instance by uploading a picture of themselves using that product) it will motivate their hundreds of thousands (or even millions) of fans to follow suit and purchase that item. For this reason, top beauty influencers can be paid thousands of euros by beauty brands for a single promotional post.

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