Brand Ambassador

Brand Ambassador

1. General introduction

A brand ambassador is an individual who is hired by a business or organization to represent them in a positive way, and in the process, help them increase the awareness of the organization and increase their sales.
The brand ambassador is supposed to embody the corporate image of the company in the way they conduct themselves, their values, appearance, and ethics. The main value of brand ambassador is their ability to strengthen the relationship between the company and their target customer and influence a larger number of them to purchase the goods and services of a company.

2. Origins

Branding began in the 1870s when companies starting advertising branded products, familiarizing the audience with more brands. This eventually lead to the creation of brand management departments within companies such as General Foods, Unilever and Procter and Gamble.

From the 1950s, more companies adopted brand managers as the growing middle class provided competition among companies vying for their consumer dollars. By 1967, almost 85% of consumer goods manufacturers had brand managers.

Today, tactics such as “Celebrity branding” and “Self-branding” are used to sell products to people or influence them into a way of thinking.

3. Explanation

A brand ambassador can take many forms, and they include the following:

Goodwill Ambassador
A goodwill ambassador is generally linked with non-profit causes. Their primary purpose is to use their fame or talent to raise funds, donations or build awareness of an organization’s cause.

Promotional Model
This type of ambassador can take the form of a trade show model, spokesmodel or convention model. They carry out activities that present a company in a positive light. Typically, this means appearing at live events or conventions, or in advertising online or in print

These provide assurance of a product or service whether it’s spoken or written. Celebrity endorsements act somewhat as a testimonial for a product or service.

Brand Advocate
These are customers who are highly satisfied and go out of their way to promote the products and services that they like.

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