The Evolution of Influencer Marketing

The definition of influencer marketing It shouldn’t really be too difficult to come up with an influencer marketing definition. Could we perhaps say ‘the marketing of a particular product, using the endorsement of an influential personality’? Perhaps there are others who could come up with more apt definitions, but that’s the nearest possible definition which […]


Objective – POST Model

The second letter in the social media marketing POST model stands for Objective. This step calls for the marketer to pin down exactly what it is they want to accomplish with their campaign in terms of impact and reaction.   Influencer Marketing Strategy and Objective Perhaps this sounds overly easy: after all, all marketing is […]


Influencer marketing strategy – POST Model – People

The ever changing digital marketing landscape requires the use of an influencer marketing strategy to distribute content. More synergies in content creation efforts can be attained by aligning your marketing strategy to the right experts. This approach helps you to co-opt ideas from an array of online chatters. Decision makers are, however, confronted with challenges […]


Influencer management 1on1 – Creative freedom

Influencer management is an essential advertising tool in this era of online consumers who have a strong social media presence. Most companies acknowledge this fact and have started engaging influencers in marketing their products. Unlike with other forms of advertising where brands regulated the content used in their advertisements, influencer marketing demands a lot of creativity […]


Types of Influencers – upping your game

10 types of influencers that will make you understand influencer marketing Marketing requires you to wear many hats. But, instead of making things hard, why not free up time by streamlining and utilizing existing contacts, or making new ones? Ones who can wear most of the hats and do most of the influencing. Here are […]


Influencer interview with Ilja Jay

Influencer interview with Ilja Jay Ilja Jay is an award winning men´s fashion and lifestyle blogger based in Vienna, Austria. Following the journey of fashion mind Ilja Jay, talking menswear, lifestyle and providing a distinctive approach to fashion. The inspiration for the dedicated. However, Ilja Jay Lawal is not only a fashion blogger and model. […]


FTC Guidelines – DOs and DON`Ts in Influencer Marketing

FTC Guidelines that will make you do influencer marketing the right way FTC Guidelines for influencer marketing rests on the assumption that consumers are more likely to have a different reaction to recommendations that come from their trusted beliefs, than from people of whom receive compensation to endorse a product. In the light of this, FTC strives […]