Influencer interview with Alexander Meliss

Alexander Meliss, a freelance filmmaker, skier and adventure lover from South Tyrol, Italy, who is exploring the world and capturing it with his camera, took some time off to give us an interview as well as a few insights into his world. Alex Meliss (Blog: Instagram: alexandermeliss YouTube: Alex Meliss). Interview with Alexander Meliss & Julian from […]


Top 10 influencer marketing campaign types

What can you use a social media influencer for? This is a frequently asked question from brands and agencies around the world. The possibilities of different influencer campaign types are vast and it is easy to loose track of them. So we from Reachbird decided to give you a general overview of common influencer marketing […]


6 tips on how to write an influencer briefing

A proper influencer briefing needs to have all the information and content that is relevant to the influencer and can help him or her get an exact and clear picture of what you want. It has to clearly define the duration of the cooperation, the terms of the cooperation and the goals that you wish to […]


Live streaming channels – influencer marketing

General growth in live streaming channels Here, we examine the growing use of live streaming channels for influencer marketing. As streaming and social media see an increase in their popularity – and become almost omnipresent – the choice of social platforms is expanding rapidly. We also review, therefore, which platform might best suit your requirements, based […]


Influencer interview with Nina Wrodnigg

At our influencer marketing event in Salzburg we´ve had the chance to interview one of the upcoming Austrian influencers: Nina Wrodnigg (Blog: You rock my life Instagram: ninawro). With her inspiring presentation and her professional & authentic attitude, Nina was the shining star that night. Therefore we had a lot of questions 🙂 Interview with Nina […]


Pros and cons of live streaming in influencer marketing

Influencer marketing and live streaming: Pros and cons One of the most exciting things about influencer marketing is how it opens up all kinds of possibilities for new marketing channels. One of the most exciting of these new frontiers is live streaming. Influencers who broadcast video of themselves using or reviewing products in real time […]


Influencer marketing do´s and dont´s 2017

Influencer marketing’s evolution in the modern era The influencer marketing boom of 2016 is showing no signs of retreating. Most marketers plan to double their investment in 2017, but they’re having to redefine their definitions of “influencer” to suit the current marketplace. This form of advertising combats ad avoidance and delivers authenticity, but storytelling has […]


The rise of live streaming in influencer marketing

Live streaming and influencer marketing  Video marketing has been a profitable tool for marketers who regularly promote products and services offered by their brand. Videos which are informative and rich in content offer marketers the chance to reach their target audience especially in today’s digital world. Live streaming is a new way of using web […]


5 tips for successful IRM

Influencer marketing is an emerging practice in Marketing and Communications developed from the concept of customer relationship management. Influencer relationship management (IRM) deals with managing influencer interactions, thereby enabling brands to nurture and maximize those interactions into long-term strategic ties. This is achieved by aligning influencers in the path of the customers so that they […]


What is a good engagement rate on Instagram?

In contrast to giants of social media Twitter or Facebook, Instagram is an application without specific analytics . It would be completely understandable if you as a user have several pertinent questions about Instagram data analytics and no specific way to provide an answer.