Influencer Interviews


Influencer interview with Ilja Jay

Influencer interview with Ilja Jay Ilja Jay is an award winning men´s fashion and lifestyle blogger based in Vienna, Austria. Following the journey of fashion mind Ilja Jay, talking menswear, lifestyle and providing a distinctive approach to fashion. The inspiration for the dedicated. However, Ilja Jay Lawal is not only a fashion blogger and model. […]


Influencer interview with Alexander Meliss

Alexander Meliss, a freelance filmmaker, skier and adventure lover from South Tyrol, Italy, who is exploring the world and capturing it with his camera, took some time off to give us an interview as well as a few insights into his world. Alex Meliss (Blog: Instagram: alexandermeliss YouTube: Alex Meliss). Interview with Alexander Meliss & Julian from […]


Influencer interview with Nina Wrodnigg

At our influencer marketing event in Salzburg we´ve had the chance to interview one of the upcoming Austrian influencers: Nina Wrodnigg (Blog: You rock my life Instagram: ninawro). With her inspiring presentation and her professional & authentic attitude, Nina was the shining star that night. Therefore we had a lot of questions 🙂 Interview with Nina […]