Engagement Rate

Engagement Rate

What is Engagement Rate?

Engagement rate is used to measure the level of engagement that a specific piece of content receives from a particular audience. It shows the degree to which people are interacting with a given piece of content, usually expressed as a percentage. An engagement rate can be influenced by factors such as likes, shares, user comments, click through rate, or others, depending on the metrics that you choose to measure. Generally, engagement is seen as any interaction with the content. With a video, for example, engagement would even include activity such as pausing the video, adjusting the volume level, or resizing the screen, if you can measure for these actions.

Engagement rate is an important metric for analyzing your content’s performance on social media. It’s important to note that it is also an equally valid measurement for both larger or smaller companies since the engagement rate is calculated in proportion to the number of people that the company reaches on social media.

High engagement is a metric that all companies should strive for when it comes to their social media since high engagement is usually a sign of superior content. It’s ideal for analyzing advertising campaigns on social media and can be applied to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or any other popular social media platform. Don’t forget to monitor feedback received from the people that you engage as well, as they will usually offer up valuable suggestions for improving your product or service.

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