Feature update Influencer insights


Feature update Influencer insights

As detailed influencer insights like e.g. follower growth, media counts and average engagement rates are very crucial to determine the quality of an influencer, we´ve added some new indicators to the Reachbird´s influencer detailed page, both for Instagram as well as for Youtube, which will be explained hereafter.

New influencer insights on Instagram:

  • Historical influencer follower growth (sometimes you´ll find influencers with a follower growth dropping to zero. In general this is caused by setting the Instagram account into private mode)
  • Media count (This indicator allows you to track on which regular basis the influencer is publishing his content. For influencers with an active but natural publishing behavior, 1-2 content pieces a day, are recommended)
  • Post engagement (The post engagement tap shows all historical average engagement rates on each single post. Peaks and throughs could be indicators on which topics the influencer is a high- or low performer)
  • Most frequently used hashtags & mentions (Update 15.6.17) (The most frequently used hashtags and mentions of an influencer will help you for one thing to understand the topic focus of an influencer and for another thing to identify related influencers, friends or brands the influencer is cooperating with)





most frequently used hashtags and mentions

New influencer audience insights on YouTube:

The YouTube influencer insights demonstrate

  • the segmentation between male and female followers
  • the country distribution
  • the age distribution



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