Feature update: Sponsored post detection

Sponsored post detection feature

Feature update: Sponsored post detection

FTC recently published its guidelines for endorsements on social media and with influencers. Sponsorships on social media is a topic that gets more and more attention from brands, agencies, and marketing professionals. Related to this subject, we´ve decided to provide our clients with our powerful sponsored post detection feature to professionalize the influencer selection process.

Sponsored post detection:

Our integrated sponsored post detection feature can be used in many ways. It is placed right in the influencer detailed insights page, where you get all influencer analytics at once. As you can see in the following screenshot, we provide the latest twelve posts of the influencers and its performance. The new sponsored post detection feature will mark all advertised posts with a sponsored post, to make the advertisement transparent. The feature also detects all posts with hashtags like #sponsored, #ad, #advertisement and so on.

How can you use this feature?

The feature is very valuable in two ways:

  • Influencer selection (If you would like to find authentic influencer for your campaign, one of the most important selection criteria is, that the influencer doesn´t integrate too many product placements or sponsored posts into his posts. One advertisement in the last twelve posts is a balanced ratio. With our new feature, these posts are detectable within seconds without checking out every post)
  • Post validation (All of our influencers are asked to mark their sponsored posts as an advertisement. But the execution is in the hands of the influencers themselves. Our new feature will give you the power to react immediately to missing marks.)


Sponsored post detection

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