GIF – What are GIFs? Where do they originate from?

GIF – What are GIFs? Where do they originate from?

General Introduction to GIF

Graphics Interface Format is a file format that supports animated and non-animated images. The images in GIF are joined together and played in quick succession to create a short animated clip. As a result, they are often posted on internet forums, blogs and social media pages. Many businesses use it, too. These file formats can be used to illustrate various concepts and complement large chunks of text in blog posts.

Origins of GIF

GIF files date back to the 1980s and reached their popularity in the late 1990s and early 2000s. They are often used by websites because they offer portability. Users can view GIFs on multiple devices, including mobile phones, without having to download any software. This file format was developed by Steve Wilhite when he worked for the internet service provider CompuServe back in 1987. On online forums, GIFs are often used to convey emotions and feelings. They are also often used for humourous effect.

Explanation of GIF

Businesses use GIFs for various reasons. They serve as an alternative to video clips and can be inserted into content quickly and easily. People can create their own GIFs online or by downloading software. This usually involves them uploading several photos, which are then played in succession.

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