How the right influencer marketing strategy can skyrocket your business!

How the right influencer marketing strategy can skyrocket your business!

How the right influencer marketing strategy can skyrocket your business!

Influencer marketing and the corresponding influencer marketing strategy is simply using the power of influential people in your niche to market your brand or product. Up to 75% of marketers are now using it with very positive results. More people than ever are buying products online with up to 25% using social media to look for and buy products. It allows you to connect with your target audience in a more natural, organic way. Rather than promoting your brand to a wide audience, you’re targeting a very specific group of consumers who’d be your ideal customer.

Traditional forms of advertising such as banner ads are becoming much less effective. Visitors to a website or blog get so used to banner and video ads that they start to become blind to them. they can even become so annoying that potential customers are lost before they even read your content. It’s become harder to gain organic traffic and paid advertising has become the best way to get visitors reading your content and in front of your offer. The downside is that unless you know what you’re doing you can lose a lot of money. However, paying influencers to market your product on social media sites can really pay off with a high ROI.

This type of marketing works so well because potential customers feel safe buying from a trusted source. It doesn’t matter if they don’t personally know the influencer. Just the fact they’re trusted and they endorse your product is enough to evoke confidence in a decision to buy. Many times an offer made this way will be far more effective than those made using conventional marketing methods.

Examples of an influencer marketing strategy

Once you’ve decided to create an influencer marketing strategy you’ll find plenty to choose from including the following;

Product placement within a post.

You or the influencer creates an informative blog post based on your brand niche with a link to your product within the content. Of course, you need to find someone with a large amount of traffic to their site for this to work effectively.

Live reviews

Influencers unbox your product live on social media and review it. This can work really well as they’re doing a live demo in front of a targeted audience. Live streaming has become huge with more and more marketers using it.

Competitions and contests

This is a really fun way to engage with your audience. Find an influencer to hold a competition or contest. The winner gets one of your products, cash, or some other prize such as a trip or car.


Providing information on how to use a certain product can prove a highly effective way to get conversions. YouTube is the most popular platform for this.

Discount codes and coupons

Codes are placed inside an influencer’s image, video or description. Using this method allows easy tracking.


What is the Groundswell POST method and how can it help your business?

The Groundswell POST method is a four step process used to help define a social media strategy or in this case influencer marketing strategy.

P- people

Find out your audience’s social media activities. What are their favorite social sites? For example, depending on your niche you may find many of your customers spend a lot of time on Pinterest or Facebook. More people than ever are searching for and buying products on the big social sites rather than using more traditional means.

O- objectives

What are your objectives? What is your goal? Do you want to listen to conversations? Do you want to chat and engage with your audience? Do you want to motivate? Do you want to offer support? All of these objectives will help you understand your audience better.

S- strategy

What’s your strategy? Are you integrating other elements of your marketing mix with social media? Are you involving the right people? Another element in this step is measurement, and you plan on measuring the effectiveness of your campaign.


Once you find the audience you want to engage with and your objectives, you then need to decide which tools to use.

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