Influencer interview with Alexander Meliss


Influencer interview with Alexander Meliss

Alexander Meliss, a freelance filmmaker, skier and adventure lover from South Tyrol, Italy, who is exploring the world and capturing it with his camera, took some time off to give us an interview as well as a few insights into his world.

Alex Meliss (Blog: Instagram: alexandermeliss YouTube: Alex Meliss).

Interview with Alexander Meliss & Julian from Reachbird


Hi Alex! How did you become an influencer and why?

Alexander Meliss: Well, it`s not that I became an influencer from one day to the other, it was more a progression over several years. The goal from the beginning wasn’t to become an influencer, it was to share my passion with the people, to make videos and photos of stuff I like.

Why do you want to work with brands? What inspires you?

Alexander Meliss: I think working with brands can be good or bad. If you just do it for the money its bad, but if you work with a brand to tell your story it can be an awesome way to increase your popularity as well as the popularity of the brand. If an influencer is able to make an ad for a brand and people don’t feel like watching an ad, either if it’s a video or photo, you really can inspire people and the brand gets a lot more out of the commercial than they would of any other TV ad.

In your honest opinion, what are you looking for in a cooperation? What are your expectations?

Alexander Meliss: If I’m looking for a cooperation with a brand, I always want to do stuff I would normally do as well. Let`s say you want to go skiing and you are working with a brand to promote their new pair of skis. It makes sense because you would ski anyway, with or without the brand. In this way, you make it real and people will trust you. It`s also really important to me, that a brand gives you the creative freedom to create the stuff you love and you keep your style authentic.

What was your favorite cooperation and why?

Alexander Meliss: My favorite cooperation was with O’Neill during the winter season. I was wearing their stuff also before I started as an influencer and it`s always an honor for me to work with a brand I really trust and that fits my style.

Are there any brands you would really like to work with in the future?

Alexander Meliss: There are a lot of brands I have my eye on, but I don`t want to be too specific on names. You probably will see it in the future.

Thank you for your time. Any last thing you want to say?  

Alexander Meliss: First of all thanks for reading if you came until here and I hope that I was able to share my thoughts through this small interview. Can`t wait for my next brand opportunity.  🙂

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