Influencer interview with Ilja Jay


Influencer interview with Ilja Jay

Influencer interview with Ilja Jay

Ilja Jay is an award winning men´s fashion and lifestyle blogger based in Vienna, Austria. Following the journey of fashion mind Ilja Jay, talking menswear, lifestyle and providing a distinctive approach to fashion. The inspiration for the dedicated.

However, Ilja Jay Lawal is not only a fashion blogger and model. He´s one of the founders of the Viennese Fashion & Lifestyle label “TrueYou”, which stands for unconventional, revolutionary appearance as well as innovative Collaborations.

Ilja Jay (Blog: Men`s Lifestyle & Fashion Instagram: wayofjay YouTube: Ilja Jay).


How did you become an influencer and why?

Well, it all started with the founding of my fashion brand “TrueYou” in Austria. We made quite the name for ourselves and got to know a lot, and I mean a lot of interesting people, all throughout the country. And while managing and building the label we have worked with a bunch of influencers, which gave me a good understanding of the market and how to take your approach. The changing point was when a lot of people from my surroundings started asking me why I, considering the fact that I “already looked like an Influencer” didn´t have a Blog and that it would totally fit me – So I didn´t really hesitated and just gave it a try, and now here I am 🙂


Why do you work with brands? What inspires you?

I love telling stories. That is something that is of utmost satisfaction because I love being creative and working on an independent basis. Working with brands that align with my ideals and fit my style is quite the experience because we have the opportunity to tell captivating stories and reach our audience through new channels.


What was your most exciting cooperation until now?

Most definitely my Sky Diving Experience with Hackett London at the beginning of this year. Not only was it my Birthday, it was also the most exciting day of my life. Hackett London provided me with the opportunity to jump out of a plane in Portugal – it truly was a life changing experience.


Do you manage all incoming cooperation requests yourself?Do you manage all incoming cooperation requests yourself?

Yes and no. I work exclusively with my agency “COVER Communications” who are in charge of managing my blog. However, I always try to keep a personal approach and relationship with my requests and clients, as I want to include their needs in our campaigns and the output of such.


We saw you in a spot with Milla Jovovic. How was that?

As good as it gets 😀  That happened at the beginning of this year in London and I daresay that it was quite the experience. How many of us can say that they have starred in a spot with a Hollywood star? Well, now I can. It was a truly magnificent experience and I was truly fascinated by the amount of professionalism that the whole crew, but especially Milla had. She´s a professional in its utmost perfection.


Anything else you like to say :)?

I think we´ve covered a lot, but I´d just like to add that I am really glad to be able to experience the things that I´m experiencing. It´s basically like living your dream, constantly exploring new heights and doing what you love – without waking up. I’m very grateful for that.


Thank you for this interview. We are always happy to work with Ilja and so far all our brands were excited about his professionalism as well as his outstanding quality of work and he also seems to be more than a decent human being. 🙂

We wish you all the luck in your future!

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