Influencer interview with Nina Wrodnigg


Influencer interview with Nina Wrodnigg

At our influencer marketing event in Salzburg we´ve had the chance to interview one of the upcoming Austrian influencers:

Nina Wrodnigg (Blog: You rock my life Instagram: ninawro).

With her inspiring presentation and her professional & authentic attitude, Nina was the shining star that night. Therefore we had a lot of questions 🙂

Interview with Nina Wrodnigg & Julian from Reachbird


Hi Nina! How did you become an influencer and why?

Nina Wrodnigg: I started uploading photos to my Instagram feed in the early days, and found out that I liked doing that quite a lot. I loved having something like a little diary with photos to scroll through. At some point, I realized Instagram didn’t give me enough space to collect all the bits and pieces of my life I wanted to remember – so I started writing a blog. The feedback I received from my followers was really good, and I discovered my passion for blogging. Within a couple of months after the launch of my blog brands and companies started reaching out to me to collaborate with me – I guess this was the point when I became an influencer. Why I love it? Because first of all it feels amazing to have this little space in the www to call my own, where I can basically do whatever I want. And secondly, when I get feedback from my readers telling me they have discovered their new favorite lipstick, or restaurant, or dress because of me – that makes me feel very happy and proud. 

Why do you want to work with brands? What inspires you?

Nina Wrodnigg: When it comes to working with brands I’m very selective. Whether it’s fashion, beauty products or even hotels or restaurants – I’m only collaborating with brands and companies that truly fit to my style. I usually decide like this: „Is this products / place something I would recommend to my best friend?“ If the answer is „yes“, I’ll write about on my blog and social media channels.

To me it’s very inspiring and also very rewarding when brands reach out to me and want to work with me – even more so if it’s a brand I’ve loved over years already.

In your honest opinion, what are you looking for in a cooperation? What are your expectations?

Nina Wrodnigg: When collaborating with companies and brands, a mutual benefit is what I’m longing for. This means I want to help exposing the brand to a target audience that’s fitting to their product, and on the other hand I want to get a fair reimbursement for my service and efforts. Furthermore, I’m a big fan of long term relationships with brands – in my opinion this is the best way to build up a great relationship between the brand and the audience. When my readers and followers see I’m using products of a certain brand regularly over a longer period of time, they gain trust in the brand and products.

My expectation (or let’s say that’s what I wish for) is that brands choose the influencers and bloggers they want to work with wisely. The influencer / blogger should fit to the brand, that’s one of the prerequisites for a fruitful cooperation. Additionally, it’s important not only to look the amount of „followers“ an influencer has. The engagement rate of posts, as well as the overall style and quality of work of the influencer should be taken into consideration when choosing someone for a cooperation. 

If there would be a perfect cooperation, how would it look like?

Nina Wrodnigg: In 8 steps, this is how it would look like:

1. The company / agency reaches out to the influencer and shares their idea and rough concept of the cooperation. Including information on budget available for the cooperation and timings.
2. The influencer then comes up with a quote for the scope of work for the cooperation and delivers a concept. In my opinion, it’s part of the job of an influencer to come up with an idea on how to market the products best. No one knows the influencer’s followers and readers better than they do, so they should have a saying in how to roll out their campaign.
3. The company approves the quote and sends the product needed for the cooperation (if the cooperation is product related)
4. The Influencer prepares the blog post / social media posts and sends them to the company for approval.
5. The cooperation goes live and the influencer sends all relevant links to posts to the company.
6. During the cooperation the influencer and the company should view comments on posts in order to react quickly in case of questions. Furthermore, the company should share the posts in collaboration with the influencer in their own channels in order to create more buzz and reach.
7. After the cooperation the influencer sends performance statistics and the invoice for the campaign to the company; the company pays promptly.
8. Company & Influencer discuss next steps for future cooperations.

How do you feel about strict requirements concerning your content given to you by an enterprise?

Nina Wrodnigg: I’m no fan of strict requirements concerning my content. After all, the enterprise is choosing me as an influencer because they like my style and the way I do things. Working with influencers means working with real people: They are not celebrities, they are no scientific experts, they may have never been in big commercials. But they are creative, they have good ideas and they have an audience. Influencers are people who use their own voice on their channels to suggest and recommend certain things to their audience. They know their audience best – so an enterprise better trusts influencers when it comes to rolling out their content. 

If a company  is not open to ideas and concepts suggested by the influencer, they should maybe rethink if they are ready for influencer marketing.

Did you encounter any hilarious requests for cooperations?

Nina Wrodnigg: Tons! It’s quite funny and on the other hand also sad how some companies think you would work for free, or for a pair of shoes, for example. I think there’s quite a bit of explanatory work to do when it comes to the Dos and Dont´s of influencer marketing, since it’s a rather new field of work. But that’s also one of the reasons why I love working in this industry: The ability to explore new things everyday with the certainty that the best is yet to come.

Thank you very much for your time! 

Nina Wrodnigg: You are welcome!

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