Top 10 influencer marketing campaign types


Top 10 influencer marketing campaign types

What can you use a social media influencer for? This is a frequently asked question from brands and agencies around the world. The possibilities of different influencer campaign types are vast and it is easy to loose track of them. So we from Reachbird decided to give you a general overview of common influencer marketing campaign types.

The top 10 influencer marketing campaign types


Post / Product Placement:

The product is the central piece of the posting. All created content is built around the product including a description and fitting hashtags and mentions.


Products get opened and reviewed “live” by the influencer. The most common channels for an unboxing video are YouTube, Instagram Live or SnapChat.

Influencer Contest:

Influencers present the product to their audience with the chance for the best performers to win a price. This can range from the actual product to monetary compensation or a trip. It’s an easy way to engage with your influencers and identify potential brand ambassadors.

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A product is tested and reviewed in detail. In the best case, there will be a recommendation to buy at the end of the test.


Shows how to use certain products. This method is very popular on YouTube and provides valuable product information to the viewer perspective.


The influencer visits a firm, store or a brand event. He´s sharing his point of view through pictures, videos or live streams with his community so they can be part of it too. It is a great way to track #hashtags and brand growth before, during and after the event. Most of the time a specific hashtag is created for each event.


Community contest

An influencer motivates his community to join a contest requiring several actions like following a specific account. This is an excellent way to create user-generated content for the own brand. But don`t forget the campaign hashtag.

Discount code:

Codes will be placed directly into the influencer image, description or video. This works very well and you can easily track how often a certain code is used broken down to each influencer when individual codes are used.


Account takeover:

Like the name suggests, an influencer takes over the own brand account for a specific time. This is a common usage for a product launch or the start of a new social media account because of a high influencer follower transfer.

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The traditional form of marketing. An influencer becomes the official brand ambassador. Most of the time this influencer marketing campaign type is a long-term cooperation where even products will be designed around the influencer.

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As you can see influencer marketing is not just plump product placement. Influencers can be used in a very creative and authentic context. We hope that these influencer marketing campaign types will help you to find the right one suitable for your strategy and your product.

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