Influencer marketing strategy – POST Model – People


Influencer marketing strategy – POST Model – People

The ever changing digital marketing landscape requires the use of an influencer marketing strategy to distribute content. More synergies in content creation efforts can be attained by aligning your marketing strategy to the right experts. This approach helps you to co-opt ideas from an array of online chatters. Decision makers are, however, confronted with challenges on how they can engage influencer relations to increase their visibility and virality. After defining your goals and objectives, and how success will be measured, then the following tips come in handy on how to engage the People (P).


Influencer marketing strategy – know how

Although macro influencers constitute very busy people with huge a following, concentrate on micro influencers who, although narrow in their focus, they have an attentive following. You can thus create demand for your product through online discussion of your content by respective experts.

It is important that you build a relationship before you start to engage influencers. Take your time to make your presence and personality known, and develop an interest in their business objectives. This could be through commentaries on their blogs and other media platforms. This creates a deeper connection with them.

When contacting the identified influencers, acknowledge their position as experts, and explain how you knew them. Keep abreast with their current locations, as well as what they are doing or talking about. This avoids any misinformation when engaging them.

A good influencer marketing strategy should clearly spell out the terms of the agreement; expectations from the influencers, and how you intend to reciprocate for their services. Monetary compensation may not be a major factor if you understand their action plans and align your strategy so that both of your objectives are achieved.

As opportunities trickle in, the line of communication to the influencer should maintain a requesting tone to create content. Never appear to be telling them to write. Irrespective of any binding agreement, your team should not be hesitant to decline any request. Probe them their interest in a given activity.

A viable influencer marketing strategy should empower influencers to freely access information, events, and experts so as to effectively talk about your brand and other specific topics. Give them event tickets, interviews, press releases, e-books, articles etc. It is their discretion to either use them or not, but do not assume that they understand the focus of your brand in the market.

After you give the influencers your initial thoughts and information; allow them to drive the approach using their own voice and tone since they understand their audience better than you. Unless they ask for a specific writing skill, don’t be critical of how they do it. This is because their writing skills have already been embraced by their followers.

You should know the disclosure requirements, and instruct them what to do. It is always the influencer that is put to task if disclosures in the sponsored content are not clear. Share any compliance issues before the influencer starts creating content.

Track all metrics both at the program and influencer level to help to optimization of the approach and evaluation of the relationships. Strong influencers may not necessarily persuade their audience to like your product, and the earlier you recognize this, the better. Use a helpful tool to smoothen the process and which helps you to keep track of all your campaigns. Like Reachbird.

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