IRM – Influencer Relationship Management

IRM – Influencer Relationship Management

General Introduction to IRM

Influencer relationship management is a strategy for managing influencer interactions, and it is inspired by Customer Relationship Management (CRM). It gives companies the opportunity to form strategic relationships and attain an upper hand in marketing. IRM helps dictate a customer’s decision by identifying specific individuals who have influence over the buyer and have them provide testimonial advertisements.

IRM in Influencer Marketing

To come up with a strong IRM strategy, companies must identify the perfect influencer. This can be a daunting task, especially for companies that believe that the influencers with the highest returns are the ones with the biggest reach. Similarly, brands should avoid using IRM as an afterthought; serious planning and structuring must be undertaken. Ensure that you align your business goals with the right influencers effectively to build a long lasting relationship. You can apply research techniques to identify influencers who are most likely to identify themselves with your products, and the extent of influence they have on your customers. Some strong influencers include entertainers, educators, trendsetters, and celebrities.
Influencer marketing is utilized by marketers to create brand awareness, establish product credibility and drive customers to purchase their products. There are various types of platforms and venues that companies could use in developing IRM strategies including

  • Social media– Consumers can easily be reached via social channels and blogs.
  • Content Marketing- Brands can produce original and engaging content about their products
  • Consumer trust- This is depending on the existing customers to spread word to potential customers about your products

Explanation of IRM

Although influencer marketing does not necessarily mean word of mouth marketing, it can still be delivered in this manner. Thus, word of mouth is a critical strategy in IRM. Influencer marketing greatly relies on the medium of transmission as well as the context. Also, its success will also be determined by market reach, the frequency of impact, and persuasiveness.

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