Lifestyle Influencer

Lifestyle Influencer

1. General introduction

A lifestyle influencer is someone that creates and publishes content on a various range of topics related to their daily lives. Typically, their content centers around topics that help to improve the reader’s life or bring them closer to the achievement of their personal goals. As a result, the subject of their content is broad and can range from hair and beauty, fashion, glamor, food and travel.

This differentiates them regular lifestyle magazines since the content is personal and relatable. Also, the reach that they have tends to span across many social media channels such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

2. Origins

The majority of lifestyle influencer started off creating content that focused on a single category or niche, such as makeup. Often, they were simply sharing their hobbies and interests but as their audience grew so did their reach into related areas. With this, the demand for their audience to create content in other categories also grew.

This influence that they have on a group of followers then presents an attractive opportunity for brands and advertisers to reach demographics that would otherwise be difficult or more expensive to reach.

3. Explanation

Lifestyle influencer take the original ‘word-of-mouth’ concept to the next level. Their followers view them similar to a friend whom they can trust on opinions relating to the latest product releases, trends, lifestyle choices and recommendations. This loyal following provides the perfect platform for brands to introduce new products and services to their audience.

This is why branded content and sponsored posts with lifestyle influencer can be so effective, and major brands have started demanding more sponsorships, sponsored content and partnerships with lifestyle influencer.

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