What is a “Macro-Influencer”?

A macro-influencer typically has a six-figure or greater following on social media platforms like Instagram and Snapchat, and could see tens of thousands of interactions on every post they make. While this is a low engagement ratio, macro-influencers still have a demonstrable ability to shape trends and promote products and services.

A good example of a macro-influencer is Kylie Jenner, who has over 92 million Instagram followers and whose posts receive, on average, one million likes. She has used her success on social media to help garner support for her new cosmetics brand, as well as a clothing line. Macro-influencers like Kylie can also turn a little-known brand into a sensation with just a few posts simply because of the wide reach that they possess. For example, Kylie’s posts about waist trainers from Lyia Liu caused sales of the product to skyrocket.

An argument exists that approaching macro-influencers isn’t always the best brand marketing strategy, as it can be hard for followers to identify with them on a personal level. Smaller brands may not have the budget to hire them for their services. However, the sense of aspiration that they inspire in their audience can be used as leverage by brands that market luxury or high-end products.

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