What is a “Micro-Influencer”?

A micro-influencer is a social media personality who will usually have between 5,000 and 100,000 followers on their respective platforms. Their Instagram, Snapchat or Twitter may focus on a specific theme, such as sport or media, and they will typically receive as many as a few hundred likes or interactions on their posts, giving them a favourable engagement ratio.

Micro-influencers often spend more time interacting with their audience, responding quickly to questions, posting in specific groups, or speaking to other micro-influencers in their niche or theme. They have a reasonably large web presence and can be counted on as a voice for brands that are looking to improve their access to a specific market segment.

They may also be more open to recommend products and services to their followers, who will be more likely to try them out based on what the micro-influencer has said. For example, a micro-influencer who is known for their fashion posts might review and recommend an online clothing store, posting pictures of themselves in the outfits, and then answer questions about the clothing. They may even be able to offer their readers an exclusive discount code. This makes it more likely that their followers will visit the store and buy their own clothes.

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