Top 5 travel influencers


Top 5 travel influencers

There are so many wonderful beaches, cities, cultures, people and places of interest on this earth. And all of us would like to visit them. As most of us don´t have the chance to see all of it, we love to follow people that a traveling around the world. This brings some holiday feelings in our daily life. Here are the top 5 travel influencer accounts you should follow.

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Reach: 364.000

Engagement rate: 5,99%

Country: Australia



Reach: 379.000

Engagement rate: 4,49%

Country: Germany



Reach: 1.9 Mio.

Engagement rate: 3,16%

Country: USA



Reach: 600.000

Engagement rate: 3,08%

Country: USA



Reach: 446.000

Engagement rate: 2,47%

Country: Germany

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