Sports influencer – all you need to know

Sports influencer – all you need to know

What is a sports influencer?

A sports influencer is a web user whose online presence is so authoritative that they have considerable influence over the decisions that other web users make in the field of sports products and services. Typically, a sports influencer will be a heavy social media user with many thousands of followers. This means that when they endorse a product or recommend a website, their followers will be keen to try it out for themselves.

Who are sports influencer?

A sports influencer can be anyone from a professional sportsperson to anyone who just loves their sport and is great at handling social media. The word ‘influence’ comes from Latin and Old French and means ‘to flow into’. An influencer, then, is anyone who can get their thoughts and recommendations to ‘flow into’ the minds of other web users and entice them to click through to a particular site or purchase a particular product.

How do sports influencer work?

Every sports influencer is different, and some are paid directly by brands to promote their products whilst others decide for themselves which products they wish to endorse. Some influencers are individuals working alone whilst others are part of a brand’s promotional team. What all influencers have in common, however, is a huge following on social media and the authoritative reputation needed to influence their followers. Sports influencers might use attractive photos on Instagram to sell new sportswear or short posts about the merits of a given sporting event to sell tickets. A single Tweet can have a huge amount of power in an influencer’s hands, as they will disseminate it to their followers at just the right time to gain the maximum impact.

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